All exams are open-book. You can use any type of reference material during exams that you wish. This includes typed or hand-written notes that are annotated, highlighted, tabbed, indexed or marked in any other way.

You may not bring ANY electronic devices to the exams.

If you have a cell phone with you, you cannot keep it at your desk, and you must turn it off before the exam so it doesn’t disturb anyone.

Please note that proctors cannot respond to any questions regarding the content of the examination.

You are responsible for managing your time during the exam, and you may wear a standard analogue watch to do so. The staff invigilating the exam will keep track of the official time.


When it is announced that the time to write has ended, you must immediately put down your pen or pencil and stop writing.

When the exam is over, you must immediately place your exam booklet containing questions and answers back inside the envelope it came in. If we do not find the exam booklet containing the questions in the envelope at the end of the exam, your exam will be automatically disqualified.

Remember to complete the information at the top right of each page of your exam pad. Make sure you print your candidate file number on the top of each page in the space provided, and print the question number and page for each answer you complete (e.g. 1/1 for question 1, page 1 and 1/2 for question 1 page 2, etc.). Doing this is not critical to your exam result, but it helps the examiner follow your responses in the right order.

You may leave the exam after the first two hours. You may NOT leave the exam during the final 15 minutes. You must remain seated until proctors have collected an exam envelope from all candidates.


You must show valid government-issued photo ID at the exam site. You must also have your NCA file number to record on each exam. To maintain anonymity, please do not record your name on any part of the exam materials.

Friends, relatives or children who come with you to the NCA exam site may not enter the exam area and may not communicate with you while you are taking the exam.


General conduct

NCA candidates must be considerate, quiet and respectful of everyone writing exams at all times. Please keep distractions to a minimum. Avoid constantly moving around in your seat, murmuring while you read the exam questions, tapping or flicking your pens, wearing strong scents or odours, etc. If proctors notice you distracting others, they may ask you to stop. If you keep doing it, other measures may be taken.

The NCA promotes a respectful environment. We will not tolerate candidates abusing exam administrators physically or verbally. If an exam administrator asks you to do something, you are expected to obey, including if they ask you to leave the testing area. Exam administrators tell us about any behaviour that conflicts with the general rules of conduct, or of any other incident that requires our attention.

If you fail to act appropriately, the NCA may put an incident report in your NCA file for future reference and action.


Cancellation fee

We charge an administrative fee of $50.00 CDN (plus taxes) for each exam cancellation. We apply refunds, in Canadian dollars only, to the same credit card the exam was charged against. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Deadline for cancellation

If you want to cancel, you must do so by midnight ET the day before the exam. If you fail to cancel your exam by that deadline, we will not give you a refund. Also, if you do not cancel and do not show up to write the exam, your exam fee will not be refunded.

If you use a foreign credit card, you are responsible for paying any transaction fees and any fluctuations in exchange rates. Once the NCA has processed a refund, we cannot reverse it or refund the administrative fee that you paid.

Online cancellation process

  • Sign into your account in the NCA portal.
  • Select “Refund” under the heading “Exam history” of the “My course info” tab.
  • Click the “Refund” button beside the exam(s) you wish to cancel. (You must make a
    separate refund request for each exam you wish to cancel.)

General Notes

Your cancellation or failure to appear for an exam will not be recorded as an attempt. However, you will lose your exam fee for that exam. You will also be required to re-register and pay the full exam fee again.

If you miss an exam for any reason, you will need to reschedule that exam to another exam session. The NCA does not set make-up exams. The exams are scheduled only four times a year. No special exam sessions will be set.

The NCA may cancel any exam if it deems you are not eligible to write, or if you did not follow its policies and procedures.

If you have questions, please email us.


You may write NCA exams three times (a first attempt and two re-writes). If you do not succeed, you may ask for a fourth attempt as explained in section 17.2 (Examination Attempts) of the NCA Policies. You need to pay the exam fee for each re-write. Since the NCA may update the exam content and study materials from time to time, make sure that you consult the exam outlines each time you prepare for a re-write. You may not register to re-write an exam until you receive your most recent results. You also need to wait for the second session after your last attempt to re-write. For example, if you failed an exam in January, the earliest you could re-write the exam is August.

Exam Review

If you fail an exam, the NCA will send you a memo from the examiner that provides reasons for the failure. The NCA will then allow you to review your exam.

Refund Policies

Exam fees

Exam fees may be refunded upon request. But, if you cancel an exam, you must pay an administrative fee of $50.00 CDN, plus taxes. The refund we issue, or the administrative fee we charge, will be applied to the same credit card you used to register. If you do not cancel before the exam before midnight (ET) the day before the exam and do not show up on the scheduled exam day, you will lose the entire exam fee.

Exam appeal fee

Exam appeal fees are non-refundable. The fee applies to each exam appeal you file.