The Federation of Law Societies of Canada is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and taking steps to prioritize your health and safety and that of the community-at-large. In compliance with government of Ontario orders, the offices of the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) are now closed. Many members of our staff are working remotely, and we are working hard to maintain as much of our operations as possible.  We understand that this is a stressful time for all NCA candidates and we are committed to ensuring that you have the information you need in a timely way. Below you will find information on upcoming exams and the impact on processing of applications. We will post updates to this information as appropriate. In the meantime, NCA staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have by email.

May 2020 Examinations Cancelled

We regret to inform you that the May 2020 examination session has been cancelled. With the need for social distancing, the uncertainties around travel and the variety of government orders in locations around the world, we have concluded that it is simply impossible to proceed with the session.  We note that a number of educational institutions have moved to online exams. Unfortunately, the nature of our exams and the technological challenges in changing to an online platform mean this is not a viable option for the NCA at this time. Accordingly, for those who have registered to take exams in May you will be automatically registered in subsequent exam sessions. Please note the following:

Canadian Core Subjects

Registrations to write any of the five mandatory Canadian subjects (Canadian Constitutional Law, Canadian Criminal Law, Canadian Administrative Law, Canadian Professional Responsibility and Foundations of Canadian Law) in May will be moved automatically to the August exam session. No action on your part will be required, unless you wish to cancel. No cancellation fees will be charged if you choose to do so.

Other Subjects

Registrations for all other exams (Contracts, Evidence, Family, Property and Trusts) will be moved automatically to the October 2020 exam session, the next regularly scheduled session for these subjects. We recognize that for some this delay will not be ideal. Unfortunately, in this rapidly evolving public health crisis finding alternatives is exceptionally difficult.  As with the Canadian subjects, no action on your part will be required unless you choose to cancel. No cancellation fees will be charged if you choose to do so.


 We appreciate your patience as we update our system to give effect to these changes in registrations. We hope to have completed this process within the next two weeks. Changes to registrations will be posted in the NCA Portal. If your exam registration has not been changed by April 15, 2020, please contact

January 2020 Examination Results Will Be Released

The results of the NCA exams completed in January 2020 will be released by the end of March and posted in the NCA portal.

Issuing Certificates of Qualification (CQ)

The NCA will be continuing to process requests for Certificates of Qualification. Requests must be made using the form on the NCA Portal. For the time being, the NCA will be unable to produce paper Certificates, but candidates qualifying for a Certificate will be notified as will appropriate law societies. During these challenging times there may be some delays in issuing CQs, but we will endeavour to meet our 10-day service standard. Please contact with any questions about the Certificate process.


The NCA is continuing to accept new applications for assessment. Unfortunately, however, during the shutdown of our offices we will not be able to accept or process mail or courier deliveries. New applications and assessments will be processed only once the NCA office reopens. Please direct any questions about the assessment process to

Other NCA Services

The NCA web site, online application form, and NCA Portal will continue to be available.

Your patience and understanding during this extraordinary time are deeply appreciated.