October 2020
October  14 to November 3 


October 14      Canadian Professional Responsiblity
October 15Canadian Professional Responsiblity
October 16Family law     
October 17Foundations of Canadian Law
October 19Foundations of Canadian Law
October 20Contracts
October 21Evidence
October 22Property
October 24Family Law
October 26Canadian Professional Responsiblity
October 27Foundations of Canada Law
October 28Canadian Constitutional Law
October 29Canadian Administrative Law
October 30Canadian Criminal Law
October 31Canadian Administrative Law
November 2Canadian Constitutional Law
November 3Canadian Criminal Law

Examinations will be in an online format. If you are scheduled for exams for this session, additional details about times and system set-up will follow soon.

The format or style of NCA exams are unchanged: they are open book, long response form. Candidates have will have four (4) hours to complete the exam(s).