Advisories April 2021 Exam Start Times

The start times for NCA exams scheduled in April 2021 are now posted in your NCA Portal, under the exam history tab.  You may find that you have not been assigned a start time within the timeframe requested when you registered for the exam.  The NCA is constantly seeking ways to make the exam experience for all candidates as trouble-free as possible. We also regularly review procedures to make sure our resources are used efficiently and effectively. A review of exam start time scheduling procedures has prompted a change in how we assign resources. As a result, beginning with the April exam period, start times have been grouped into two time blocks. The first is from 06:00 – 09:30 AM; the second is from 14:00 – 18:30 PM. All times posted are based on a 24-hour clock (12:00 is noon) and all times are posted in Canada’s Eastern (Toronto/Ottawa) time zone.

We regret any inconvenience the change in scheduling may cause. If you wish to request a change in the start time, you may do so by contacting MonitorEDU directly at [email protected].  Please note, however, that all start times will be within the two time blocks set out above. You may cancel an exam up to 24 hours before the scheduled date of the exam through the NCA Portal.

Please remember that Monitor EDU will not contact you to start the exam; you are required to log onto the Monitor EDU website ( at least 10 minutes before your specified start time. Select the “Take My Test” link at the top of the web page, then select the “Pick School/ Organization” link that appears at the top. This generates a drop-down list; select CAN All Organizations. When the list of organizations appears, please select “Federation of Law Societies/NCA”. You will then have access to the brief online form that connects you to MonitorEDU staff.

Details on the technical requirements of the online exam system are available here.

You will still be given four hours to write all exams during the April exam session.