Exam outlines and samples

NCA applicants study on their own for the NCA exams (i.e. without help from the NCA). You are also responsible for getting your own study materials and developing your strategy for studying. If you need help, you can hire a private tutor or some other study service.

The list below shows all the NCA exams. Each item links to a PDF that outlines the content of the exam and the study materials. At the end of each document, you will find a list of publishers and resources you can contact to buy or access the texts you need. You may also buy them from a law school bookstore, or other bookstore, or find them online. If you prefer, you may even borrow the material from a law library. Exam outlines (also known as a syllabi) are revised as required. We may update them from time to time without notice. Check our website for updates so you can get the most recent content for the exam you want to write.  To access the outline (syllabus) for an exam, click on the exam title. For help on how to write our exams, we suggest you review the NCA guide How to Answer Fact-based Law Exam Questions and our sample exams.

         EXAM OUTLINE / SYLLABI                                                                                               SAMPLE EXAM

  • Business Organizations  (November 2016 version)                                                              Sample Exam
  • Canadian Administrative Law (June 2021 version) UPDATED                                            Sample Exam 
  • Canadian Constitutional Law (February 2015 version)                                                       Sample Exam
  • Canadian Criminal Law (2021 version)                                                                                 Sample Exam
  • Canadian Professional Responsibility (August 2019 version)                                              Sample Exam
  • Civil Procedure (August 2020 version)                                                                                   Sample Exam 
  • Commercial Law (January 2019 version)                                                                              Sample Exam
  • Contracts (November 2019 version)                                                                                      Sample Exam
  • Evidence (January 2020 version)                                                                                           Sample Exam
  • Family Law (Alberta)(May 2020 version)                                                                                 Sample Exam  
  • Family Law (B.C.) (May 2020 version)                                                                                     Sample Exam   
  • Family Law (Ontario)(May 2020 version)                                                                               Sample Exam 
  • Foundations of Canadian Law (2021 version)                                                                        Sample Exam  
  • Property (2021 version)                                                                                                          Sample Exam
  • Remedies (2021 version)                                                                                                        Sample Exam
  • Taxation (March 2016 version)                                                                                               Sample Exam
  • Torts (July 2021 version) UPDATED                                                                                       Sample Exam
  • Tips for Writing NCA Torts Exam (New)
  • Trusts (January 2020 version)                                                                                                Sample Exam