APPLICATION Getting started

The NCA looks at your application, paying special attention to your education and professional background. We do this according to our NCA Policies.

We use one standard of evaluation across the country. This means that if you have earned legal qualifications in other countries, you can qualify for law society bar admissions in any Canadian common law jurisdiction by completing just one process.



Who can apply

All internationally trained legal graduates can apply, whether you are:

  • a newcomer to Canada with a law degree
  • a Canadian citizen who got a legal education in another country
  • a legal graduate thinking of immigrating to Canada
  • a Canadian civil law graduate

You can apply from anywhere in the world – citizenship, nationality and where you live do not matter in the assessment process.

The NCA does not assess the legal education and experience of people who want to practice civil law in Canada, or who want to become members of the Barreau du Québec or the Chambre des notaires du Québec. They each have their own evaluation process.



How to apply

Complete the online assessment application form available by clicking the Apply now button below, and send the NCA all required documents.

Please note: We will not process the form until we receive your payment ($350.00 CDN, plus taxes). A payment module is included with the online form. You must pay by credit card.



Required documents

  1. Original or official pre-law university transcripts (if applicable) 
  2. Official transcripts (detailed mark sheets) for your legal education 
  3. An updated outline of your education and work experience (résumé or Curriculum vitae)

    And, if you are a lawyer
  4. Official letter or certificate of good standing from the bar association or bar council (This must outline the date you were called to the bar and your status as a member in good standing.) 

The NCA only accepts official law school transcripts sent directly by the law school that issued them and letters of good standing sent directly by the organization that issued them.

All documents remain the property of the NCA. If you want us to return your pre-law university transcripts, please include a copy of them along with the originals. We will keep the copies and return the originals to you.

Once the NCA receives your completed application form and payment, we will send you an email that tells you your NCA file number. The email will also list the documents we have received, and the ones we still need. The NCA may also ask you for more information or documentation.

After we have the documents we need, the NCA takes about six to eight weeks to process your application and mail you your assessment.


NCA Mailing Address

Documents should be addressed to:

Federation of Law Societies of Canada
c/o National Committee on Accreditation
World Exchange Plaza
1810 – 45 O’Connor St.
Ottawa, ON
K1P 1A4



Next step

Once you get your assessment results, you must complete your assignments (the things you must do to qualify for law society bar admission).

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