NCA candidate agreement

This is a legal agreement between you and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada/National Committee on Accreditation (NCA). It is in addition to the Applicant Declaration and Waiver you accepted when you applied for an assessment by the NCA.

Your consent to the following terms and conditions is required before you can complete an NCA examination online.

Terms and conditions:

I am an NCA applicant who has been issued an Assessment Report that indicated I may write NCA examinations in order to meet NCA requirements.

I consent to the disclosure by the NCA of the following information to its computer-based testing provider, Paradigm Testing:

  • my name,
  • email address,
  • NCA ID number,
  • the name of the examination which I am writing, and
  • details of any accommodations granted to me by the NCA for completing the exam.

I have reviewed and agree to Paradigm Testing’s privacy policy.

I also understand that the proctoring service provider under contract to the NCA, MonitorEDU also requires:

  • my name,
  • mobile or cell phone number,
  • email address,
  • IP address,
  • the name of the examination I am writing, and
  • indication of the testing organization (NCA).

I have reviewed and agree to MonitorEDU’s privacy policy.

I understand that the online examination will be proctored by real time remote monitoring of a live video stream from my computer’s webcam and through a second camera that I must set up in accordance with the instructions of the remote proctor.

I agree to abide by reasonable requests made by the proctor during the examination to help ensure the integrity of the examination process, including, but not limited to requests to show multiple angle views of myself and immediate environment, or to adjust the cameras, seating position, or objects within the examination environment.

I understand that failure to abide by the proctor’s instructions may result in my examination session being flagged for further review or terminated and my exam results invalidated.

I understand that the video streams of my exam session will be recorded, for the purpose of investigating any irregular or suspicious behaviours and may be sent to the NCA for review during or after the exam session. I expressly consent to such recording.

The NCA maintains and contractually requires strict confidentiality and security of all examination materials and examination-related information. Stringent protocols and security measures have been put in place to ensure that the integrity of the NCA examinations and the examination content is always maintained. These measures are designed to eliminate any unfair advantage among candidates and avoid the high cost of replacing the examination content in the event of a security breach.

I have read and agree to the NCA’s Examination Rules and Protocol with attention to the Online Examination Rules and Protocol section.

I recognize that all examination materials are the exclusive property of the NCA, are protected by copyright, and are subject to the law of copyright in Canada. To preserve the confidentiality and security of the examinations, candidates are strictly prohibited from disclosing to any person or organization, reproducing (by memorization, by electronic or by any other means) or publishing in any form any examination content. Such content includes but is not limited to topics, items, questions, scenarios, fact patterns, cases, correct answers, and incorrect answers, from an examination. I understand and agree to abide by these prohibitions.

I also agree to not engage in any form of dishonesty, fraud, cheating, misrepresentation or other misconduct related to the NCA examinations, including, but not limited to:

  • copying another person’s answer to an examination question during an NCA examination;
  • sharing with another person any information about my answers to any NCA examination;
  • consulting an unauthorized source during an NCA examination;
  • being in possession of or using unauthorized information or materials prior to or during an NCA examination;
  • assisting a person to carry out any of these activities; or
  • failing to report to the NCA, any information known about the breach of obligation(s) in the Rules and Protocol, or a breach of any obligation specific to this agreement by another candidate.

I understand that any such dishonesty, fraud, cheating, misrepresentation or other misconduct will not be tolerated by the NCA and will result in termination of my exam session, invalidation of my exam results, and such additional consequences as the NCA may deem appropriate up to an including permanent disqualification from the NCA process.

Breach of any other terms of the NCA’s examination Rules and Protocol, or other breach of this Agreement, may result in actions taken by the NCA, including, but not limited to, any of the following:

  • preparation of a written report on the conduct of the candidate and its sharing with licensing bodies;
  • initiation of legal proceedings by the NCA against the candidate for damages; and,
  • pursuit by the NCA of any other legal remedies available to it.

I understand that if any technical issues prevent me from writing my examination on my scheduled day and time, MonitorEDU will work to remediate the issue and re-launch the examination as quickly as possible, or if necessary, reschedule my examination at a convenient time acceptable to the NCA.