OVERVIEW Understanding the whole picture

We offer all the information you need to qualify for bar admission programs in Canadian common law jurisdictions. You will need to gather documents, apply for an NCA assessment and meet the NCA’s requirements.  We also help you decide what kind of career you want. We’re here to help you find your way.


2018.08.22 • Study Aids

Exam outlines and sample exams

Here are the resources you need to help you study for the NCA exams.

2019.01.28 • Forms

Authorization form / Consent to discuss file

If you want to allow someone else to contact the NCA about your file, complete this form and send it to [email protected]  This enables us to share information about your file with the person named in the form.

2019.01.28 • Policies

NCA refund policy

Before you complete a transaction, take note of the NCA refund policy.

2019.01.28 • Forms

Online transactions and forms

Want to apply, register or cancel an exam, or file an exam appeal, or an appeal for assessment?  This page explains how to do it all online through your NCA Portal.

2019.01.30 • Courses

Assistance for NCA students

These courses and programs offer support to complete the NCA process.  Some aim to help you succeed in writing NCA exams, while completing others may directly satisfy your NCA assignments.

2019.01.30 • Guides

How to answer fact-based law exam questions

This guide will familiarize you with the NCA exam format. It offers helpful advice to write exams, including tips on how to study, manage your time, reason and organize your answer.