ASSESSMENT PROCESS Fair. Transparent. Objective.

The NCA assesses the legal education and experience of people who want to enter law society bar admissions in Canadian common law jurisdictions. After the assessment, the NCA assigns requirements for you to complete, so you will have knowledge of Canadian law similar to the knowledge of someone who got their law degree through an approved Canadian law school program.



Our process

An NCA assessment includes five steps:

  1. You submit your application with the right documentation and payment
  2. The NCA assesses your legal education and experience, measuring it against the National Requirement and according to its Policies. Refer to the NCA Service Standards on our Policies page to learn about our service response times.
  3. The NCA tells you the things you must do to qualify for law society bar admission (these are called “assignments”). To meet your assignments, you may need to write NCA exams or take courses at a Canadian law school. If you are not satisfied with the assessment, you also have options
  4. You complete your assignments
  5. The NCA certifies that you have met the requirements by giving you a Certificate of Qualification


Next step

Now that you understand the process a little better, you may start the application process.

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