Advisories CPLED Legal Research and Writing Course Now Available to NCA Students

The NCA is pleased to announce that CPLED’s Legal Research and Writing (LRW) course is now available as an optional learning tool to all NCA applicants who have been issued an Assessment Report. The course costs CDN $375; registration is available through the CPLED web site. The first course begins Monday August 24, 2020.

This 8-week-long, optional online course offers useful tips and best practices to improve writing skills. It was designed to help law students educated outside Canada learn how to conduct research and write as they prepare for bar admission and practise in the Canadian legal system. The online course consists of two modules.  Each module includes an assignment with a research and writing component, followed by a multiple-choice quiz. Students in the course may also receive direct feedback from trained assessors.

The course was piloted early in 2020 by a group of NCA students who were all at different stages in the NCA process.  They provided preliminary feedback used for further development, resulting in the course content now being offered.

The LRW course is considered a useful tool in preparing to write NCA Exams. In addition, students who successfully complete the course and take CPLED’s Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP) will be exempt from two PREP Foundation Modules.