Advisories In-class Education Requirements

The NCA has revised its Assessment Policy to remove the requirement that Contracts, Property, and Torts must be completed in-class to fulfill the substantive legal knowledge requirement for these subjects. This policy change came into effect on June 3, 2020.  Successful completion of courses in these subjects as part of a recognized law degree will now be accepted regardless of mode of instruction.

The NCA recognizes that the current global pandemic is forcing many law schools around the world to provide their programs through online platforms. The change in the NCA Policy ensures that students who cannot take Contracts, Property or Torts in person as a result of this move to online platforms are not disadvantaged.

In keeping with the requirements that must be met by Canadian law school programs, the NCA Assessment Policy requires all applicants to complete two (2) years of legal studies through in-person instruction.  This requirement has not been changed by the amendment affecting Contracts, Property and Torts. An applicant to the NCA who does not meet the 2-year in person requirement may have to return to law school to complete additional in-class studies.

The NCA’s current Mode of Study policy is in Section 7 of the current Policies.

NCA policies are based on, and comply with, the National Requirement, the Federation standard that all people must meet to qualify for bar admissions in Canada.