Advisories NCA 2021 Exam Schedule Now Posted

In response to the continuing restrictions prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, all NCA exams in 2021 will continue to be conducted online. Please rest assured that we are listening to student feedback and are working on improving the exam experience.

The new exam schedule spreads the exams throughout the year to minimize waiting between sessions.  Rather than holding ten exams over five days four times a year, we are now offering these subjects on multiple days over each three month period.  In addition, exam registration periods will open more frequently, allowing you the opportunity to register sooner after your credentials are assessed.

All five of the Canadian subjects will be offered four times during the year, but each time the Canadian subject will be offered on multiple days. Contracts and Torts are scheduled three times during the year; all other subjects are scheduled twice. The posted schedule also includes the registration dates for each exam session.