Advisories NCA April 2021 Exam Results

We know how important it is to NCA applicants to receive timely exam results.  We are working hard to make sure you receive them as soon as possible.

Results for the April 2021 exam session are now available for the following exams:

  • Canadian Constitutional Law (posted June 11, 2021)
  • Canadian Criminal Law (posted June 8, 2021)
  • Family Law (posted June 2, 2021)
  • Evidence (posted June 21, 2021)
  • Trusts (posted June 2, 2021)
  • Property Law (posted June 29, 2021)

To access your exam results, log in to your NCA portal and select the Exam History tab.  If you wrote either the Family Law or Trusts exam in April and do not see your results in the portal, please contact [email protected].

Requesting your Certificate of Qualification

If, with these exam results, you have successfully completed all of your assigned requirements, please follow the steps below to request your Certificate of Qualification. Once your request is received we will verify your status and issue an email notice to the specified Law Society. At the present time, the NCA cannot issue a Certificate by mail, but we will do so as soon as we are able.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click/tap on “Request Certificate” tab.
  3. Complete the form and click/tap “Submit”

Exam Review

NCA provides applicants with an opportunity to review failed exam(s) free of charge. Those with unsuccessful exams will be sent an email indicating how to access the examiner’s memo outlining the reasons for the results, and the failed exam. Questions about exam reviews can be directed to [email protected].