Advisories Policy Assessment Change:  In-Person Instruction Requirement

The NCA continues to review its assessment policies in light of the global pandemic.  In recognition of the fact that the pandemic is forcing many schools around the world to include online instruction in their law programs in 2020, the NCA Assessment Policy has been revised to allow for recognition of a limited amount of online interactive instruction. This policy change came into effect on July 21, 2020.

The change in the NCA Assessment Policy provides for recognition of interactive online instruction that meets the criteria set in the policy and is part of a program that includes at least 50% in-person instruction.

This policy change will provide flexibility to programs as they plan their offerings for fall 2020 and to students as they complete their legal studies.

The NCA’s Mode of Study policy is in Section 7 of the current Policies.

NCA policies are based on, and comply with, the National Requirement, the Federation standard that all people must meet to qualify for bar admissions in Canada.