Advisories NCA October 2020 Exams

All NCA exams are designed to be competed in three (3) hours. As part of our transition to a new online exam system, however, we have decided to extend the time to complete exams by one (1) additional hour for our initial sessions under the new system. Consequently, please be advised that all NCA candidates registered for exams scheduled in October will have four (4) hours to complete each exam, rather than three (3) hours as had been previously posted. We will continue to review all aspects of our exam system as we go forward, including the amount of time allocated to complete exams, and will advise candidates of any changes should they arise.

Please also note that the posted dates for the NCA exams in October are subject to change. This is because we will be adding additional days to accommodate the move to the online exam format. Once you are assigned your exam date and time, you will be given the opportunity to request a change.

The registration deadline for the October 2020 exam session has also been extended to September 18, 2020.  The NCA staff is working hard to keep our commitment to issue assessment reports to all applicants whose files are ready for assessment by August 31, 2020, so that they can register for the October exam session.