Advisories Update to October NCA Exam Schedule

Last week we announced a revised schedule for the October exams. Many of you expressed legitimate concerns about the fact that the dates for some exams were earlier than those that had been posted for many months. Although the changes to the exam schedule were made to address issues experienced in our first online exam session in August, we understand that the prospect of writing an exam earlier than anticipated created a very difficult situation for some of you. We listened to your concerns and have worked with our service providers to find a solution.

Revised Schedule
We have been able to secure additional dates from our service providers allowing us to restore the original schedule for exams in the five Canadian subjects and Family Law.   The option of writing Canadian Professional Responsibility and Foundations of Canadian Law on the earlier dates remains and we are also offering additional dates for the Canadian Constitutional Law and Canadian Criminal Law exams during the first week of November. The dates for Contracts, Evidence, Property and Family Law have not been changed. They will remain on the dates posted last week.  However, an extra date has also been added for those registered for Family Law. The revised exam schedule is available here.

Exam Dates and Times
To address previously identified issues, including long wait times when signing into an exam, that occurred for some candidates during the August exams, there will be a limit of 400 candidates permitted to write an exam on a specific date. Candidates now have an opportunity to indicate here which date they would prefer to write each of the Canadian exams and Family Law exam they have registered for. You can also indicate your preferred start time for any of your online exams using that same link. While we cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice, we will strive to ensure that no one will be required to write Professional Responsibility or Foundations of Canadian Law on one of the earlier dates if they indicate a preference to write on the original date in the last week of October.

Moving to an online exam system in the wake of the global Covid 19 pandemic has been very challenging. Your feedback has been invaluable as we have worked with our service providers to navigate those challenges. We are now working on the exam schedule for 2021 and anticipate that we will be able to make a number of improvements going forward. Thank you for your patience and understanding.