Please note that the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) resumed partial operations on July 24, 2020.  NCA employees are once again able to process applications and conduct assessments. We currently have a significant backlog of files to process and request your continued patience as we respond to requests.  We will endeavour to respond to all messages within 3-5 business days.  

If you have any questions about the work of the NCA, please send an email to If your inquiry deals specifically with NCA exams, please email (Updated August 5, 2020)

The following includes all NCA notifications posted or distributed since our offices were closed in response to government COVID-19 guidelines.


August 6:  (Advisory) NCA advised it has resumed partial operations, including the processing of applications and assessments.

March 25: (Advisory) The NCA continues to accept new applications.


August 6:  (Advisory) NCA advised it has resumed partial operations, including the processing of applications and assessments.

July 21: (Advisory) The NCA revised its Assessment Policy to allow  for recognition of interactive online instruction that meets the criteria set in the policy and is part of a program that includes at least 50% in-person instruction.

June 3: (Advisory) The NCA revised its Assessment Policy to remove the requirement that Contracts, Property, and Torts must be completed in-class to fulfill the substantive legal knowledge requirement for these subjects.

March 25: (Advisory) Assessments received during closure of NCA’s offices will not be processed until COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.


March 25: (Advisory) NCA will continue to notify law societies which applicants have completed their Certificate of Qualification (CQ), but will not issue paper copies of CQs.


August 27, 2020: (Advisory) Due to the online exam transition, the NCA advised it will allow 4 hours to complete online exams for its October exam session.  NCA will contine to review the time allowed to write exams and will notify NCA students of any changes.

August 4, 2020: (Advisory) NCA advised that registration for the October exam session is now open.

August 1, 2020: (Email) NCA sent an email requesting that NCA applicants who have already selected a time and date for their August exam(s) and wish to change their scheduled exam start time(s) submit their new preferred times and dates to MonitorEDU by August 4.

July 16: (Email) NCA sends a notice to applicants writing August requesting them to select exam start times.

July 8: (Advisory and email) NCA issues additional procedures for online exams to all August 2020 exam registrants.

July 7: (Advisory) Procedures for the online exams to be offered in August are posted online.  On June 30, a message was sent to all August exam registrants with the same details.

June 15:  (Advisory) NCA announces it will be offering its exams online for the August session. 

April 20: (Advisory) Online registration for August exams opens on May 1, 2020 and closes at Noon (Eastern) on June 19, 2020.

Applicants who registered for May 2020 exams were asked to verify that all their exams have automatically been re-scheduled for August 2020 in the NCA Portal. Instructions were also posted on how to cancel exams, change exam subjects, or arrange to write exams in a location other than the seven main sites (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto or New Delhi).

April 14: (Advisory) Dates for the August exam session were changed to August 13-14 and August 17-21.

March 28: (Advisory) Applicants were notified that non-mandatory subjects from May (Contracts, Evidence, Family, Property and Trusts) will also be re-scheduled to the August exam session.

March 25: (Advisory) NCA notified all applicants that May 2020 exams were cancelled, and that mandatory subjects (Canadian Constitutional Law, Canadian Criminal Law, Canadian Administrative Law, Canadian Professional Responsibility and Foundations of Canadian Law) will be re-scheduled to the August exam session. All NCA mandatory subject exams scheduled for May should be automatically re-scheduled in the NCA Portal by April 15. Applicants will not have to pay a cancellation fee if they cancel exams.


June 15: (email) In a note it sent to those who had failed exams in the January session, the NCA outlined new procedures to arrange for online exam reviews.

April 14: (Advisory) NCA confirms that January exam results were released and posted in NCA Portal at the end of March.

April 7: (email) Those who completed NCA exams in January 2020 received instructions on how to obtain feedback on their unsuccessful exams. Exam reviews will not be scheduled until the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.  A review schedule will be posted on the NCA website, once it is available.

March 31: (email) Those who completed exams in January session were advised that exam results were available through the NCA Portal.


April 8: (email) Applicants were advised that all Lexis Nexis Advance Quicklaw accounts are suspended until registration opens for August exams.